• sample-1

    Laser Cut

    0.80 mm

  • sample-2

    Laser Cut Sheet

    3 mm

  • sample-3

    CNC Laser Cutting Sheet Models


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About Us

Our company is established in 1990 (Sarıbal Demir Ticaret) and it is seen as a target to continue to be stronger by taking the name in 1998 (Sarıbal Ferforje Metal) by moving rapidly in the iron trade sector.

18 years of service to customers in all kinds of metal business. (Sarıbal Ferforje Metal) after receiving the title of the line without changing the same reason serving to keep the art of the demon has begun to hold.

Our Vision

We are rapidly approaching our target standards with dynamic change and learning-by-learning, with customer satisfaction, prompt response to requests, honesty, affordability, transparency, quality-oriented, always-on pricing.

Our Mission

The quality of the company and the rigor of the selection of certified materials is sensitive to honest trade and we aim to offer our customers the best and most appropriate fleet always with solid and sure steps with the confidence that our customers receive.